8 Probate FAQ’s 

1. How much is it worth? 

We can prepare for you a complimentary estimate of the value of the property in today’s market.

2. It’s old & faded.  Would selling it “as is” be better than fixing it up?

Let us look at the property and give you suggestions on what to do to enhance its value.  If after hearing our suggestions, you still prefer to sell it “as is”, we will help you price it accordingly.

3. We don’t live in the area.  Do you have someone who could help us with the work you suggest?

Yes.  We can give you some recommendations of licensed and insured individuals who can help.

4. Do you have anyone who could help us clean out the house?

Yes. They, too, will be licensed and insured.

5. Do you think any of these things could be sold?  It would be nice to get some money for them.

We have a couple of options for you, if you would like to sell your things. Let us see what you are thinking of selling and we can discuss your options.

6. How quickly can you put the house on the market?

We can work with you to get it ready for showing and preparing it for marketing it as quickly as possible.

7. Our family has a friend who is a Realtor.  Why should we use you?

We would be happy to explain our sales strengths and what we bring to the table to help you reach your goal of a hassle-free sale at the highest price.

8. Our “remaining” parent cannot move until we obtain the equity from the property.  Can you show it while they are in the house?

Yes, we can.  We can arrange to show the property in a manner that is most comfortable for them.

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